Social Media

It took me a while and, like always, I was a little nervous and unfasionably late to the party but I’ve slowly grown fond of social media but particularly Twitter.  Even though this website stumbles through time with very limited attention, I still feel that I should drive a bit of a wedge between what is published on this site and my twitter feed.  This website will be totally work related – the day job, as it were. Twitter will be something entirely different.

For me, twitter has been summed up brilliantly by Dr. Ben Goldacre;

‘I just think everyone, no matter who they are or what they do, is entitled to fart about on twitter.’

So – website is work, twitter is my social outlet. Some of my tweets will be work related, some will be me moaning about the man opposite me on the train that is snoring too loudly. I may use twitter to pass on some interesting health-related information – but please remember, retweeting does not always mean agreement.