Jonathan Hearsey

Jonathan Hearsey

10 tips for NHS clinical redesign teams

1. Tailor the clinical redesign to answer the question – why are the commissioners redesigning this particular clinical service?

2. Patient-centre every single stage of the care pathway.

3. Acknowledge the vital importance of the GP in each stage of the care pathway.

4. Ensure both secondary care and primary care clinical teams are part of the redesign process from the very start.

5. A redesigned community service is useless if secondary care provision is compromised in any way. Ensure the secondary care provision is adequate.

6. Use of Extended Scope Practitioners should be limited to their specific knowledge base.

7. Remember that not all clinical roles can be delegated to allied health professionals.

8. Medical consultant leadership is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

9. Use storyboarding techniques for clinical incidents as well as plaudits.

10. Ensure the winning service provider sets regular contractually compliant governance points – evaluate every fifth of the contract.