Healthcare Management

Jonathan is the Clinical Director at Camden MSK, a University College London Hospitals partnership that provides an integrated model of musculoskeletal care throughout the London borough of Camden.  As part of this work, Jonathan is leading an extensive review of community musculoskeletal services provided in North Central London for the North Central London Integrated Care System.

In 2008, Jonathan was involved in the development of what is currently, one of the UK’s biggest musculoskeletal community services, Sussex MSK Partnership and, until 2018, held clinical and leadership positions within the organisation.

Systems thinking in healthcare service redesignBetween 2012 and 2018, Jonathan was Clinical Lead of the department of Musculoskeletal Medicine at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.

In addition to his work in the NHS, Jonathan is director and company secretary at West Hove Clinic, a small healthcare consultancy that was established in 1999. In addition to providing musculoskeletal healthcare, the company has worked with a number of commercial partners on healthcare regulation, education, and governance matters.